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DescriptionAyr's tree-spotting group began as just that, a chance to get out and find real trees. We had started to venture further afield to interesting areas such as Galloway Forest Park and the Isle of Arran, when the pandemic arrived. Our members have been fortunate to avoid covid (touch wood!), but naturally we have had to adapt to the circumstances. For several months when even the smallest of outdoor gatherings was impossible, we held monthly themed zoom meetings. Members were encouraged to research a topic of the month, such as tree mythology, and give a short presentation of their findings. This certainly widened the scope of our discussions, and may well be something we repeat in future.
TopicsNatural world
TypeU3A-led research (not an SLP)
U3AAyr U3A
Year started2019
Source of referenceSources Online 5.10.21
OutputAll of the various routes to learning we have used undoubtedly have their place. But the key lesson for me from the Tree Group is that the deepest learning comes through our own senses. Throughout the seasons, each tree species changes in myriad ways and the best way to appreciate this is simply to spend time in the presence of trees and observe. 
NotesMany people have reported taking a keener interest in nature and its therapeutic benefits during periods of lockdown, and I think this has been a factor in bringing us new members. It is also apparent that growing awareness of the climate crisis has fostered the urge to cherish our vitally important trees and the eco-systems they support.