u3a research database

Help notes

Click on the icon to the left of the heading to view the notes for that heading.


The database and web pages are backed up daily, even if there is a major problem one day, we can go back to the data recently saved if necessary.

Become an editor

To be registered as an editor to be able to add and edit information on this database, please contact the administrator via the contact page or emailing admin [at] u3aresearch.uk saying what your role is. You would then be given a username and temporary password; please log in as soon as convenient and change your password to something more convenient for your use. Passwords are encrypted, so if you lose or forget it, please contact the administrator, who will reset it. When registered you will be sent the current version of instructions to editors to help.

Browse through cards

As well as browsing by using the grid or from the browse page, you can scroll through the filecards by going to any filecard and then using the << and >> symbols at the bottom of the card to go to the previous or next entry

Change password

You can change your password at any time from the admin page. If you lose or forget your password, you will need to contact the administrator who will issue a new temporary password for you then to change when you next log in.

Uploading documents

You can upload documents when adding a project or editing an existing project via the editing interface. From the editing screen for the project, you could also link an existing document from the list of documents to one or more projects to which that document is relevant.

Find a specific project

You can find a project by using the search and/or browse functions.

Message to the administrator

You can always send a message to the administrator from the contact page. All feedback welcome!

Search by third party organisation

To find projects in which a particular third party is involved as instigator or partner to a U3A, you can use the separate search form to use keywords for the name of the organisation. Any search results will then have links to the relevant project filecards.