Project ID: 818

DescriptionThe question is whether learning a language, even in later life, has a significant effect on the brain’s cognitive abilities and resistance to degenerative illnesses. Edinburgh University is offering to repeat an exercise carried out with the popular BBC series Trust Me I’m a Doctor, specifically with U3A members in Scotland.
TypeExternal research (U3A as research subjects)
U3AIndividual U3A members, Scotland, acting on request received by the U3A
Organization/partnerUniversity of Edinburgh School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences (PPLS)
Year started2018
Source of referenceRequest from university
OutputYou can view this broadcast on the BBC iPlayer at: and the description that goes along with it at 
NotesInitially two programmes are being planned. One in Edinburgh and one in Inverness. The language is likely to be either Spanish or Italian. You will have an opportunity to vote. It is proposed that the language lessons will be conducted in three two hour sessions over a week for four successive weeks.