Project ID: 840

DescriptionThe Great Unrest - The period 1910-1914 saw a wave of industrial action across Britain. In this Research Retreat we will look at one month in particular to map, using contemporary newspaper accounts, the scale of the challenge facing the government.
TopicsSocial history
TypeExternal research (U3A as research assistants)
U3AIndividual U3A members, South East, acting on request received by the U3A
Members of London U3As
Organization/partnerRoyal Holloway College, Egham, Surrey
Year started2019
Source of referenceEvent publicised by Royal Holloway
NotesA one day Research Retreat on 8th May 2019 to look at the Great Unrest - 1910-1914.

This is one of number of SLPs linked to the Citizens project at Royal Holloway College - see file card 547 for details
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