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12Examining police procedures in cases in which older adults are victims of crime
16Urban v country eating
23Measuring the benefits of participation in U3A art and creative groups
65Study investigating personality and perception (on-line test)
66Influence of personality and perception on eyewitness identification performance
174Travellers' Tales - exploring travel literature and why people travel
197Mythology in the European Housewife's Shopping Basket - study of shopping baskets by teams fom six European countries, involving a total of 12 trips to different parts of Europe by the participants.
399Project 16 - Major intergenerational project with A-level students from local secondary school on theme of 'being 16' . The following year the group worked with primary pupils on Victorian history and ran a joint project on community arts.
477Lancaster and Morecambe's Architecture Group experienced the practical problems of designing a building by researching the issues of a (fictional) new library which had to be located in a vacated shop.
481Northampton's Practical Philosophy Group researched how individuals can influence the direction society takes by presenting ten ways of becoming politically active.
536Wooler U3A's Enquiring Minds group asked 'What do the residents of Wooler want to happen to the old Police Station?' We developed a questionnaire and distributed it to every household in Wooler and gave the results to the Parish Council and the Glendale Gateway Trust.
610A qualitative study of older people's views on and experience of receiving help from neighbours. Group discussions and semi-structured interviews with 23 people (9 U3A members, 15 voluntary service users) included topics relating to the neighbourhood, interactions with neighbours and getting/giving help.
759Transitions and mobilities. Experience of being young women in the 1950s to mid-1970s.
912Do you have an interest in consumer issues? BSI’s Consumer & Public Interest Network (CPIN) is asking for volunteers from U3A to represent the voice of UK consumers in the development of British Standards. CPIN members are trained to be independent consumer experts, who represent consumers on committees developing standards for many sectors. If you are interested in becoming a CPIN rep, please contact consumer@bsigroup.com with a brief CV, or with any questions you may have.
959A research project to better understand how individuals find their way around cities and how this changes as they get older. The research includes an online task requiring participants to navigate from two points within London, and provide directions as they go along. This is followed by a series of survey questions.
962Survey of public information on attitudes to COVID-19 of >60 yrs age group
980Inter-generational forum - a discussion group between a group of U3Agers sixth formers from local grammar schools. Fortnightly meetings take place without either school staff or parents and subjects discussed have included the legalising of cannabis, the politics of smoking, reform of the house of Lords, homosexuality and the future of the Church.
981Richmond U3A's Current Affairs group held discussions based on the Millennium Debate proposals. These were Health & Care, Paying for Age, Work & Lifestyles, Values & Attitudes and The Built Environment. The group came to a number of conclusions on the type of changes necessary if an ageing population is to function more effectively. They felt the prevailing value system was one of the major influences on attitudes, priorities and allocation of resources.
1061U3A members are needed to help improve housing for older people, by taking part in consumer research to produce a new ISO standard for age-friendly housing.
1083This project will help us to evaluate a new questionnaire which asks individuals why they may decide to buy, take in or keep items in their home. We hope it will help researchers and clinicians to support those who have difficulties related to this, specifically problems with hoarding.