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86Memories of holidays in Bognor, 1950s
138Interviews about memories of Kirkby in 1940s, 50s and 60s, before Kirkby became a New Town. Photography and art groups researched old images of Kirkby and new paintings were produced.
166Interviews with U3A members who grew up in London 1930-60
286Oral history of Wellworthy's, Lymington - the main employer in the town from 1919 to 1989 - manufacturer of piston rings. Study was mainly oral history.
427Memories of racing and racecourses recorded by Lewes U3A Oral History Group
428Reminiscences of shopping in Lewes, recorded by U3A Oral History Group
498Oral history project to provide a means for Cambridge members to talk about their lives whilst being videoed, giving them a record which they could give to their descendants and to provide an in-depth body of knowledge about the current and future membership of the U3A, which could be used in research projects in the future
563The Reminiscence group have produced a number of small booklets about Life and Work in Brightlingsea, with more to follow. They have interviewed many mostly older people about their life and work, which has produced an insight into the life of the town as it used to be.
592Lives that led us to Braintree' is a spin-off from a family history group - the members have traced their own lives and set them in the context that has brought them together in 21st century whilst relating this to the social history and changing attitudes of the times.
616Women in 20th century - presented as a mix of oral and written accounts
652The Listening Bench on Southend Pier is intended for people to sit and at the press of a button learn about Southend and its people
657Bexley U3A's Life Story group has researched the development of holiday experiences from the late 1930s, based on reminiscences, and linked them to worldwide changes in leisure, transport and politics.
658Bexley U3A's Life Story group has researched school experiences back to the 1930s, based on reminiscences, including those of members who grew up in Germany and India
124Remiscences about the WW2 and 1950s, Flintshire
285Investigating memories of evacuees in WW2 - intergenerational project in Battersea schools
299Book of memories of childhood from ww2
426Stories of the people of Lewes in WW2 as recorded by U3A Oral History Group
445Memories of WW2
446Recollections of VE Day by U3A Lifelong Learning Group
460Recollections by local people of the lives of Major & Mrs Stewart of Burnby Hall and of the impact of WW2 on the people of Pocklington
530A collection of stories of wartime childhood by members of Alnwick U3A
133Voices of Hickling - Recording early 20th century oral history of village of Hickling, Norfolk through recollections of older residents
148Reminiscence boxes - memory project in residential home in Lea Valley for dementia patients. The aim was to provide objects that could be handled to stimulate memory. Various themes eg Toys, Kitchen, Ladies' items, Gentlemen's items, Handicrafts etc
400Interviews with people at day centre by Woking U3A Writing Group
401Interviews with people at a day centre by Woking U3A Writing Group
431Life histories collected by U3A Living Memories Group, to preserve experiences and ways of life which would otherwise disappear
438Memories of Hull in 1930s, collected by U3A Local History Group
442Recollections of Fife collected by U3A Oral History Group
462Chew Valley U3A history group have put their own life histories in the context of national events
670Collection of fifty autobiographical stories from members of Swansea U3A to ensure that future generations have their eyes opened to when irons had no flexes and cookers ran on coal.
292Oral history of old hospital, Minehead, Somerset
323Oral history of 4 schools in Nuneaton
713Members of the Cultural Activities in Care Homes project work with local care homes to arrange events to enhance the quality of residents’ lives and encourage their inclusion in meaningful activities. The project offers a range of cultural and leisure opportunities to residents and includes performances by local musicians and school children; reminiscence sessions with small groups and life story work with individuals.
764Study of older people's experience of technology in the past, and currently of that used for payments and banking.
783Discover the hidden history of Woodley in a shared learning project with Wokingham and Reading U3As. Woodley has grown from a few scaered coages and farms into a suburb of Reading, but has kept its sense of community.
820The project was conceived for members of Sheffield U3A born between 1945 and 1955 in order to gather information about being a young person during the sixties. Although it may feel like yesterday, these members are now aged between 63 and 73 and a whole module within modern history courses is devoted to this period! Sharing and recording our Sixties memories now will be both enjoyable for members and useful for students. It will be important to place this decade within the context of both a post-war childhood and the changes which occurred in Seventies Britain.
858Working together on a project to capture memories and create an audio archive. Buxton’s ‘Present from the Past’ project will capture sound-bites and snap-shots of the town and bring the rich history of Buxton and surrounding area to life.
898Two U3A writing groups have collaborated to produce an anthology of their work. Members of neighbouring Flintshire and Ruthin and District in North East Wales took 18 months to complete the project which involved collating, editing and proof reading poetry and prose all submitted by U3A members taking a sometimes wry look at growing older and embracing retirement,
916The Memories Project, a six-week course run for Thanet U3A, was not intended to improve the short-term memory. Far from it: the intention was to delve into our own early lives. However, we soon found that one person’s reminiscence triggered something in everyone else’s mind. Anecdotes emerged that had been long-forgotten, memories were evoked of tastes and sights and smells that were no longer around. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and would urge other groups to try it. Don’t let these historical memories fade and die. Let’s preserve the past by talking about it, writing it down and sharing it.
399Project 16 - Major intergenerational project with A-level students from local secondary school on theme of 'being 16' . The following year the group worked with primary pupils on Victorian history and ran a joint project on community arts.
1009Lockdown diaries written by U3A members during the first period of lockdown March-July 2020
1014Thoughts about the Big Questions for my grandchildren in their middle age