Project ID: 819

DescriptionEnergy Efficiency Scams - One of the most problematic areas that keep emerging as a concern for consumers is the misselling of energy efficiency measures. Typically, a consumer will be contacted out of the blue by telephone to be informed that they have qualified for energy saving measures for their home such as a new boiler, solar panels etc and a follow up appointment will be arranged for a sales consultant to come out to provide further information. Once the sales consultant comes to the house, they will then subject the consumer to pressurised sales tactics in a bid to convincing them to sign an installation agreement where quite often no cancellation rights are provided. Whilst there are grants available, establishing whether you qualify can be cumbersome and confusing. An improvement in energy efficiency is of concern to government, energy suppliers and consumers alike. But this just provides an opportunity for rogues to trade on confusion and the lack of information. The aim is to equip consumers with what they need to know to be able to make improvements but not to fall victim to the scammers.
TypeU3A-led research (SLP)
U3AIndividual U3A members, Scotland, acting on request received by the U3A
Organization/partnerTrading Standards Scotland
Year started2018
Source of referenceRequest from organisation to U3A Scotland
OutputThis is a Shared Learning Project with Trading Standard Scotland who will receive all the data collected. 
NotesYour involvement will be simply to work through a questionnaire and use whatever method you chose to seek answers. You will be asked to record your experience as you go, noting in particular the ease or difficulty in finding answers and understanding what information you find. This is a Shared Learning Project with Trading Standard Scotland who will receive all the data collected.